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Beaver Island, NH

a few days of "On-Golden Pond"

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OK, so technically On Golden Pond was filmed on the next lake over, but it feels like Norman is right around the corner. Lake Winnepesake is shimmering in the distance and we are relaxing and enjoying the fresh NH air. Perhaps a swim or canoe ride is in order later.

The kids have been torturing, I mean, loving playing with Finn. Luckily for Finn, he is a quick runner and manages to escape their hugs most times.

Earlier in the week I enjoyed a few days in Montpelier, VT with my sister and her family and helped them unpack and explore their new home (they just moved from OH). VT was so lovely and green - the complete opposite of NYC. Too bad I will miss seeing the leaves turn this fall. Although we did go to a maple syrup farm and also the Cabot Creamery. The maple syrup and cheese samples, respectively, were delicious!!

A few more days here and then home through NYC and on to Italy!!!!

More soon,

btw, I am just about through reading In the Shadow of Gotham by Stefanie Pintoff. It is a turn of the 20th century murder mystery I picked up in NYC before I left. I love the local references to the Hudson Valley and NYC landmarks as the tale unfolds.

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Day 1 - to VT

First flight on time - a good omen??

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I have to say that today was a very stressful day with finalizing cleaning and packing up my apartment for sublet and trying to decide what one brings a on 5 month trip to every possible climate - the answer - my pics will show me in the same few outfits!! I felt a little homeless as I walked out the door, but I am sure the time will fly!

Finn got to come along on this first leg of the trip and I he hopped right into his carrier as soon as we got to the airport (check out the photo section). I would like to think he was excited for the trip, but am willing to concede he was probably petrified I was about to leave him! what love!

Many thanks to my sister Deb and her family that are hosting me this week in northern VT/NH. Tomorrow if the rain holds out we hope to get in a little exploring. The green mountains are beautiful and I would like to get in some exercise in preparation of the inca trail!!

btw, the first of what I estimate will be 28 flights over the next 5 months got in 10 minutes early w/o issue - can I really hope for such good travel luck!!!

More soon,

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Pre-Trip Post

The itinerary is set!

After many long months of planning I am about to embark on my travel journeys! I chose a long winding road to visit family and friends and then to explore South America! Below is a rough time-line of where I will be heading (you can also see my trip on the map link!). I would love if anyone wants to travel along. If you can't come along, I hope you can at least travel along with me via this blog to share my adventures.

I hope to upload posts and some pics as I go (hopefully I can figure out the technology of doing so!!). I envision part travel log, part Anthony Bourdain snarky foodie commentary (I hope I am brave enough to try local delicacies - like Guinea Pig in Peru, really all the guide books say it is very common and tasty..... I will let you know!), and part reading club.

As you can imagine, I plan on reading A LOT of books during the estimated 30,000 miles I will be traveling - that is a lot of airport, airplane, bus, and boat time! That being said, I would love if everyone would leave a comment with the favorite book you have ever read so I can download it on my Kindle, or be on the look out at book exchanges for recommended titles as I plan to read old school books too!!

Thanks and more to come soon!!! (subscribe to get posts emailed to you so you don't miss any of the fun)

8/15-8/23 Montpelier, VT & Lake Winnepesake, NH
8/24-9/1 Sardinia Italy
9/1-9/6 London
9/7-9/16 Amagansett, NY beach week
9/17-9/27 Columbus, OH
9/28-10/11 Peru - Inca trail hike, Cuzco, and Amazon Jungle
10/12-10/22 - Heading to Lake Titicaca Peru and overland to La Paz Bolivia and the bolivian salt flats
10/23 - 10/27 - Easter Island
10/28 - 11/3 Santiago, Chilean coast & wine country
11/3-11/6 Buenos Aires
11/6-11/8 flying up and back to Iguazo falls, Argentina
11/9 - more Buenos Aires, the pampas Mendoza and Argentina wine country
11/17- Bariloche, Argentina, the lakes district for hiking and exploring
12/1- El Calafate, Argentina for glacier exploration and hiking
12/9- Ushuaia, Argentina
12/10-12/19 Antarctica cruise
12/21 heading home to OH for the holidays

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